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Karl Jaeger

Reducing the planet's population



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16 Aug 2013

Location: Population

Dear Fellow Citizens of Our Future Planet
As a Citizen and Co-founder of OFP, I wish to share with you some thoughts relating to our planet’s future population. These ideas I have named the Jay Family.
I welcome your reactions and thoughts. Surely global population will be a major issue in our future. China has taken a ‘top down’ approach by telling its citizens what they may and may not do and they have thus caused their population to go down. The western world’s nations have not done so and our present population continues to rise.
My Jay system thoughts, attached, are relevant to our part of the globe as well as to China as it may help reduce the loneliness experienced by Chinese children in their one-child families.
Of course there are no Jay Families in existence yet but, if the idea should intrigue you, do let OFP’s citizens know your thoughts and reactions.

Karl Jaeger
Co-founder and Citizen

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