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Founder Thoughts

Wednesday 3 August 2011
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"Thoughts, systems, ways to make the world beautiful"

Karl shares the thoughts he has spent a lifetime creating on his personal blog.

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Karl is an educator, writer and artist, who has spent much of his life designing systems, be they educational systems, city systems or kinetic sculpture systems. It was Karl who conceived of Our Future Planet and it's global possibilities. He then worked with co-founder Samantha Harvey to realise his vision.

He is Executive Director of the International School of America (subseqently renamed International Honors Program), established in 1958, which offers opportunities for students to participate in multi-country study programs. Karl has personally led and taught in five travel programs for the students around the globe. Karl has also created several community design projects including the Cambridge Charter School system, a student-centred secondary school which received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Karl is an active member of the arts and his kinetic sculptures are presented in many major museums in the world. Karl is currently designing an Habitable Sculpture in Maine, USA. Karl is also an avid collector of postcards and has over 80, 000 postcards on different themes collected from around the world.

Karl holds a Bachelors Degree in Education from Ohio State University and a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University.

In 2012 Karl authored a short book called Our Planet's Future, inspired by his experiences with Our Future Planet. To read more about the book, click here.


Read more about Karl and his projects:

Some of the many alumni from Karl's International Schooling system:

Karl is an avid collector of ephemera - an interest in the two dimensional world to balance his three dimensional interest in the future of our planet

Karl is also a keen garden designer, and is currently working on a habitable sculpture project in Maine.